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gorgeous_baybay on
ms_sarabeth20 wrote in fpwatchers
The following story has been plagiarized by user gorgeous_baybay on

When You Own the Universe by Secretive:
(Note: title was changed to "Wrapped Around His Finger")

Quandaries of a Quirky Romantic by Secretive;
(Note: title was changed to ""Quandaries of a Mixed Up Romantic")

The Girl is Mine by StarStrellaStar;
(Note: this is a word for word copy)

Playing with Fire by misswonderlnd;
(Note this is a word for word copy)

This Storm by Jazzy Kitty;
(Note: title was changed to "The Storm: A Romance Story")

This plagiarism concerns the works of the following FictionPress users:
Jazzy Kitty

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did you guys read her profile page? she sounds utterly deluded, talking and acting like she really wrote them. judging from the username and her background full of selfies, this is one narcissistic 16-year-old who craves attention. sad that she even got her own grandma fooled into becoming her biggest writing fan...

Yea, I did... it is kind of sad. Her profile is also riddled with some glaring grammar errors that make this even more pathetic... I don't know how anyone could believe she wrote all those stories when her profile proves that she doesn't know how to write very well.

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