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Martha Greenwood on Amazon
melissaanne122 wrote in fpwatchers
The following stories have been plagiarized by Marta Greenwood on

False Facades by Maeven

Through Me by Maeven

So Typical by Something About Chelsea

Maggie's Column by Gypsy Pen;

Nightmare with the Neighbour by Kiss in the Dreamhouse;

I Know What You Wore November 15th by LightPrevails;

This concerns the works of the following FP authors:
Something About Chelsea
Gypsy Pen
Kiss in the Dreamhouse

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The same person is also responsible for posting under "Aurette T. Mag" which has posted stories by rosieroo and Aurette. Aurette has been informed and Rosie is being contacted now.

This is disgusting.

ANOTHER person trying to make a profit off of stealing from others?! What's even ,more disgusting is I think she is also selling physical copies of the books, so she is making more money than the others if people are paying for the hard copy and the not the kindle version.

I'm in the process of reviewing each book announcing the plagiarism. Hopefully, that will keep people from buying the books while the real authors get Amazon to remove them.

I'm still working with Amazon on getting the profits made from my book. After reading their terms and conditions, we found the following:

5.4.2 When We Pay You that royalties are paid approximately 60 days following the calendar month during which sales were made.

So, since these are less than 90 days old, Amazon has not yet paid the author.

And, even though they're denying this one for me right now (but don't worry, I'm still fighting for my rights), it also states:

5.7 Rights Clearances and Rights Dispute Resolution. You will obtain and pay for any and all necessary clearances and licenses for the Digital Books to permit our exercise of the rights granted under this Agreement without any further payment obligation by us, including, without limitation, all royalties and other income due to any copyright owner. If you notify us through the procedure we provide on the applicable Amazon Property for making claims of copyright infringement that a third party has made a Digital Book available for distribution through the Program (or for distribution in a particular territory through the Program) that you have the exclusive right to make available under the Program, then, upon your request and after verification of your claim, we will pay you the Royalties due in connection with any sales of the Digital Book through the Program, and will remove the Digital Book from future sale through the Program, as your sole and exclusive remedy.

And by author, I mean "author", AKA lazy plagiarizing scum.

All the authors have now been contacted and I can confirm that Maeven, rosieroo, and Aurette have all contacted Amazon. Hopefully things go well and Amazon doesn't put up too much of a fuss :(

Aurette here. My friend Colleen also posted reviews on each of the plagiarized books, and the so-called editor replied.

This makes me absolutely furious. What did he think to gain by lying so flagrantly? I really hope Amazon gets this worked out quickly.

I am so pissed. I have left a reply. It is not nice. There are no f.ucks for me to give at the moment.

Yea, I got the same reply to the few reviews I posted.

I don't know what makes me more disgusted... the fact that they have stolen and are trying to make money off of someone else's work in the first place or that they have the nerve to blatantly lie about it.

Edited at 2013-07-21 12:57 pm (UTC)

They reported my review comment and Amazon took it down. Someone is going to die. There was NOTHING WRONG WITH IT. Except a few spelling mistakes because I was half asleep.

No words.

Your review comment may be gone because the whole Martha Greenwood page is gone.

Maeven's and LightPrevails's books have been taken down.

I think that's only on Amazon UK since I checked American Amazon and all the books are still posted and available for purchase.

They may have to send DMCA take-down orders to Amazon in both jurisdictions as the laws are different in each country.

If email doesn't work, then snail mail, with return receipt requested in the US, will. Faxing is also an option. Amazon really should have at least one person who deals with these things exclusively.

Edited at 2013-07-21 07:16 pm (UTC)

This is LightPrevails. Thank you for contacting me and telling me about this. This is a nightmare, really.

I tried chatting with someone from Amazon today but, while I was talking to them, saw that my story was deleted. I'm still frustrated by the fact that they might have been making money off my book and now it's gone.

But I see now that it's still up. Can someone direct me to the page because I can't find it.

Thank you again fellintothemoon and others who have helped with this serious issue. I appreciate it.

Edited at 2013-07-21 06:31 pm (UTC)

Okay, I'm logged in at both and simultaneously. The stories reported have been removed on the US side. I thought they weren't on the UK side so I tried to start a discussion about the plagiarism there. I couldn't because the page no longer exists. So what I'm seeing may just be a matter of a cached page.

"To Feel the Sun" is still up for sale, it seems.

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