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Just Me Sorry on
ms_sarabeth20 wrote in fpwatchers

The following stories have been plagiarized by user Just Me Sorry on

Does This Make You Uncomfortable? by DancingChaChaFruit :
(Note:  names were changed to fit into the Maximum Ride fandom)

Her other story Down the Rabbit Hole is stolen from here.

This plagiarism concerns the works of the following FictionPress users:

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I tossed this one at TAPIR (as I was on an 8 hour threshold for creating new forum topics). Seems Just Me Sorry is a repeat offender under many different names!

Since anii.x claims to be DancingChaChaFruit, I mentioned this in a return PM on I will also poke her through the FP PM system. I have emailed Ms. Mayer. In her case, I've suggested she file a DMCA takedown order with the admins. It seems to work more often than not.

Edited at 2014-08-17 10:12 pm (UTC)

Got a permanent delivery failure on that second author's email. :(

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